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Why we do what we do?

A letter from the CEO

HelpNinja was created for small businesses that need a simple helpdesk system with affordable pricing. Some helpdesk they start simple but then it gets bloated to serve bigger customers or they add too many features and increase the cost. We felt there was a need for a help desk that stays simple and has the same affordable pricing focussed on small businesses that don’t have too much funding.

My promise HelpNinja will stay as a simple helpdesk and with the same $29/month for unlimited users (your whole team) pricing for life.

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Emails become a task list

With traditional emails we get the whole dump of emails and we either keep them unread or it gets lost in reading and we don’t have a clear view of conversation which needs attention and which are completed from our side. With HelpNinja, you can close the conversation once a reply is sent and it reopens when a reply comes in.

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With emails forwarding messes the whole conversation and its prone to send the message to the wrong customer at times. With HelpNinja your team can add notes or assign a conversation themselves without stamping each other's feet.

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Satisfaction rating

It’s really important to know if your customer was satisfied with your reply and with a simple intuitive link, HelpNinja makes it easy to collect them and your team can work with customers who didn’t feel satisfied.

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We love our customers. Image: heart So do they.

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HelpNinja is a solution for any business who is looking to service their customers and respond to sales inquiries fast and easy needs. The system is simple and intuitive with lots of really great features to allow you to customize the experience. Using this has made our lives A LOT easier.

Patrick Healy

Founder at Phacient

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HelpNinja is truly a Ninja of all support software. It is really simple and easy for our team to get onboard. I would recommend it to every company that strives for excellent customer service.

Sujay Pawar

Co-Founder of Astra WordPress Theme

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Working with HelpNinja has been simple and straightforward. It gives you all the essentials you need for email ticketing like adding internal notes, tags, canned replies, workflows, knowledge bases, and more.

Amber Cockwill

Founder at Creative Collaborations

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