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HelpNinja powering Astra support since December 2018

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Built by a bootstrapped company for small businesses.

A letter from the CEO

We are self-funded just like you. Why this is important for you?
We are not running behind fast growth and there are no VCs to rush our growth. So we focus on you and your business.
We are not here to sell our solution to you for us to grow, but to make sure our solution brings you growth.
We listen to you, your feature requests and things that may need a change. We are solely focussed on growing organically through you.
We take pride in making sure our solution fits your needs, not the other way around.

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Simple email and no ticket #’s

Your customers love simplicity. But as a team you need to manage multiple conversations. With HelpNinja on the backend it’s your team tool with features like internal notes, tags and assigning to your team members and on the front it’s a simple email for your customers, no complicated portals which need login.

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Contextual support

Your WooCommerce customer details are listed on the right side, you know what order they are referring to without leaving the window. You can serve them with the right answer and resolve their issues without going back and forth. You can also know if they are repeat customers or not.

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Satisfaction rating

I am sure you strive to give the best customer service, but hearing it directly from your customers makes all the difference. Get customer satisfaction on every interaction and let your team rejoice or work hard to win the customer’s heart.

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Getting your team on board.

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Assign conversations.

Assign conversations to the right team member and let them amaze your customers :)

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Tags are like sticky notes where you can put them on conversations, which you can find a little later.

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Check how your team is performing. And strategize ways to improve as a team.

Answer your customer queries on the go with our iOS and Android app

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