Instant support to your customers

Most of the customer queries are repetitive and with our Docs they will be able to self-serve their questions instantly, if they couldn’t they can always reach from the doc pages.

Making your support efficient

Doc’s can be searched whenever you reply to a customer. It increases the efficiency of your team to reply to tickets faster and customer also gets a detailed information to their concern

Simple and easy to create articles

With our editor you can easily create detailed and beautiful articles addressing your customer concerns. You can style and embed videos for a detailed overview.

See if your articles help your customers

With our feedback collection through emoji’s makes it easy for customers to share their feedback with a simple click.

SEO friendly

With customizable URL links and meta description, you can be in control of the SEO capabilities of your Docs

Brandable with customisations

With our settings you can change the color, fonts and look. You can also embed custom CSS for you to completely take control

Its tailored for your needs

Works across all device

Desktop, mobile, tablets it works across all of them so your customers can access them any time anywhere.

SSL in built

It comes free with all our docs, this gives an additional trust and comfort to your customers

Search focused

Docs are optimised for search, it helps your customers find what they want easily

Docs for your suite

If you have multiple products and need separate docs, you can manage them in a single panel

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