Conversations, not tickets

No ticket ID’s, no portals, a simple conversation between you and your customer.

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Your powerful system is hidden from your customers

The communication looks like a normal email between your peers and your customer doesn’t know you are backed up by this powerful system to help them 24/7

All your communication in one place

Your customer conversation across different teams, email addresses and brands are available in your single login. Mailboxes are a click away to switch and manage them.

Collaborate on customer conversations

Have your team run through all the emails and they can tag them to organise and also assign to their teammates who are apt to respond.

Automate things to handle your scale

With Workflows, You can setup automations to do the same tasks with speed and efficiency. Its a simple set and forget setup that will make your team’s support efficient.

Other interesting features that your team will love.


Receive notifications for any activities via your email, browser and Slack.

Satisfaction ratings

Your customers can let you know how you handled them by clicking the link in their email.


Search emails, customers and conversations all at once with our advanced search.

50 + Shortcuts

Answer customer queries swiftly like a ninja with our keyboard shortcuts.


Group emails with tags, so you can find them easily later.


Add your favorite services like WordPress, MailChimp, Aweber, Shopify etc. to work with HelpNinja.