Privacy Policy

Unsub by HelpNinja is a product of Revmakx LLC and it’s a local application all your data is on your chrome browser and it never leaves your computer.

You have 100% privacy, we track none of your usages or collect any data. and you are in control of your data.

Google API Details

Accessing Scopes & Using Scopes

  1. – To remove the previous email address from the same sender from the inbox and move them to archive
  2. – To create a filter to archive and add a label for emails which are unsubscribed
  3. – To create a new label for HNUsub

Storing and Sharing data

All the information is stored in the chrome browser of the user and it’s not stored and shared with any of our servers. This is completely private and you own 100% of the data.

App’s use of information received from Gmail APIs will adhere to Google’s Limited Use Requirements