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Simple support system for your whole team

Traditional email can be overwhelming when you have multiple mailboxes and a team to manage your customer queries. With HelpNinja it’s as simple as using email but with the capability to manage it with your team. It helps you to categorise and consolidate different concerns of your customer. And for your customers its the same email and they wouldn’t even know you are using a system to email them.

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Collaborate on customer conversations

Have your team run through all the emails and they can Tag them to organise and also assign to their teammates who are apt to respond.

Don’t stamp on each other’s foot

Getting your whole team involved may cause chaos, with our agent Collision you can see if someone is replying to your customer at the same time. So you don’t look odd by sending two replies of the same context.

One-click reply for repeated requests

We do receive a lot of repeated questions from a similar user. With our saved replies, you could reply to those customers with a single click.


Self serve

You can add all the questions and explanation which may help your customers to serve themselves and not wait on you for an answer, it is almost hard to stay online all the time to reply to your customers.


Getting started with your product or service can be grouped into collection so that it can onboard and walkthrough through all the nitty gritties without them asking a question.

Collect feedback

With our emoji at the bottom of every article, your customer can share the feedback if they got their query answered and you can improve articles which gets a lot of sad emoji.

Social Inbox

Facebook messages

Reply to tweet mentions

Collaborate & organize social messages with your team.

Live Chat


Get notified real time

Your customers expect instant responses when its live chat. With accurate, real-time notification, you will be able to respond and make them a happy customer in no time.

Re-routes if you are offline

When you can’t live chat, we will collect the query and then redirect them to a self-serve knowledge base so they can get their query resolved.

Collaborate and resolve

You may have questions which may need a specific team member to get inputs from, you can collaborate easily with your whole team.

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Stop counting agents, instead have your whole team​

We are a firm believer of having the whole team to help customers. With our unlimited agent pricing you can have your whole team to work on your customer concern without worrying about the cost. It increases your team morale and also the relationship between your team, product or service and your customers.

We love our customers. So do they.

HelpNinja is a solution for any business who is looking to service their customers and respond to sales inquiries fast and easy needs. The system is simple and intuitive with lots of really great features to allow you to customize the experience. Using this has made our lives A LOT easier.

Patrick Healy

Founder at Phacient

HelpNinja is truly a Ninja of all support software. It is really simple and easy for our team to get onboard. I would recommend it to every company that strives for excellent customer service.

Sujay Pawar

Co-Founder of Astra WordPress Theme

Working with HelpNinja has been simple and straightforward. It gives you all the essentials you need for email ticketing like adding internal notes, tags, canned replies, workflows, knowledge bases, and more.

Amber Cockwill

Founder at Creative Collaborations

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